Renovation in Sarrià with Traditional Catalan Vaulted Ceilings. Diario Design.


Photo: Adrià Goula

When we were moving forward with the survey, we realised that there was a false ceiling covering up the traditional Catalan vaulted ceiling, made in delightful ceramics, which could give the finished home a great deal of carácter.

We go to the Aftermath Catalonia in Venezia Biennale 2016. Tv3


Sculptured central nucleus. Selected project. Best interior award 2016. Archdaily

reforma integral en sant gervasi

Photo: Adrià Goula

We redesign a central nucleus of a square floor containing the elements of communication, of access, water facilities and an interior patio that supplies light to the kitchen and the entry.

Renovation apartment in Les Corts Barcelona Posted on Dezeen, wins best interior reform in Spain award

reformas integrales en barcelonaPhoto: Adrià Goula

We decided to place a pure, white and geometrical cube at the center of the apartment, wich contains the kitchen and the bathtroom, and its walls do not reach the ceiling.

Renovation apartment in Eixample, Barcelona. Posted in Diario design.


reformas integrales barcelona

Photo: Adrià Goula

“You always wanted an apartment in the Eixample of Barcelona. Te one you have was built in 1878, when Modernism was knocking at the door. It was built using the techniques and materials of those years, when it became fashionable to coveret them with decorative…”



Dental clinic in Torrelles posted in Archdaily

reforma interior clínica

Photo: Adrià Goula

For the waiting room, iron tubular structures have been designed.These iron tubes which tie in perfectly with the seats also serve as magazine racks.

On diseño Magazine cover


99 social housing units in Barcelona posted in afasia


Photo: Adrià Goula

Refurbishment in Gracia, Barcelona

Grup de Reformes

Photo: Nani Pujol

Torre Júlia posted in Dezeen, “Ciutat de Barcelona” award

Photo: Adrià Goula

AV. monografias. Living Together. Julia tower

Sheltered Public Housing for Senior Citizens in Barcelona published in Detail

Nursery and primary school in Barcelona

Model. Iago Pineda

Torre Julia is one of the selected projects for the Vogadors Architectural Rowers Biennale Architettura 2012 (Venice).

A mosaic of over 150 important works from Catalan and Balearic architects that make up the contemporary ground harmonizing threads, ways of doing and alternative scales in different architectures and shared living spaces with what is common to the profession and adaptability to the specifics of imaginaries, requirements, climates and locations around the world.

Glazed apartment, Barcelona

Photo. Adrià Goula

This reform, made in a70 m2apartment in the Gracia neighborhood ofBarcelona, revolves around a central gero bricks wall that is the frame of all the inside space elements.This wall, which in turn divides the apartment into two clearly different living atmospheres, day and night, has three large openings, that create visual relationships and the path between the different parts of the program.

Private residence, Costa Brava

Model: Iago Pineda

Social and ecological dwellings, Caribbean coast

With Cubus

Torre Júlia “Premi ciutat de Barcelona” Prize 2012

Photo.  Adrià Goula

La Vanguardia. “Composición con escalera”. Llàtzer Moix

The urban refuge posted in dezeen

Photo.     Adrià Goula

The heart of the house is the ironing area where the owner spends a lot of time.  An effort has been made to freeze this moment of intimacy and to use a large window to frame an undervalued yet daily activity.

“Singulars” tv3 (minute 34)

Plastic house published in Quaderns


Torre Julia “promenade”


With Pau & Mai

Lecture “Habitatge i Ciutat”, ETSAB

“Museu del bosc” in Sant Celoni competition