Glazed apartment, Barcelona

Photo. Adrià Goula

This reform, made in a70 m2apartment in the Gracia neighborhood ofBarcelona, revolves around a central gero bricks wall that is the frame of all the inside space elements.This wall, which in turn divides the apartment into two clearly different living atmospheres, day and night, has three large openings, that create visual relationships and the path between the different parts of the program.

Private residence, Costa Brava

Model: Iago Pineda

Social and ecological dwellings, Caribbean coast

With Cubus

Torre Júlia “Premi ciutat de Barcelona” Prize 2012

Photo.  Adrià Goula

La Vanguardia. “Composición con escalera”. Llàtzer Moix

The urban refuge posted in dezeen

Photo.     Adrià Goula

The heart of the house is the ironing area where the owner spends a lot of time.  An effort has been made to freeze this moment of intimacy and to use a large window to frame an undervalued yet daily activity.

“Singulars” tv3 (minute 34)