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AV. monografias. Living Together. Julia tower

Sheltered Public Housing for Senior Citizens in Barcelona published in Detail

Torre Julia is one of the selected projects for the Vogadors Architectural Rowers Biennale Architettura 2012 (Venice).

A mosaic of over 150 important works from Catalan and Balearic architects that make up the contemporary ground harmonizing threads, ways of doing and alternative scales in different architectures and shared living spaces with what is common to the profession and adaptability to the specifics of imaginaries, requirements, climates and locations around the world.

La Vanguardia. “Composición con escalera”. Llàtzer Moix

“Singulars” tv3 (minute 34)

Plastic house published in Quaderns


A-house in rtve 2 (minute 1:25)

with Cubus

First prize in “Arquitecturas de emergencia x10” in UIC university sponsored by Reig Capital Group. Published in La Vanguardia

With Cubus & students

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Julia tower published in a+t NEXT


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